Know the great tools that can make you play better

If playing Bullet Force Cheats makes you feel interested towards the game world then you must stay inclined towards knowing more about the game strategies. There are ample tools available that will enhance your earning of more number of gold and credits. There are several ways by which you can get much amount of gold and credit. There are several steps that players need to follow for getting an unlimited amount of credits and gold. The most amazing news is that the tool Bullet Force Cheats is absolutely free and very easy to download. It is actually built for all the types of gamers. The game is added with a generator that does not need to be downloaded. Just creating an account and having a username can make the gamer earn lots of gold and diamond. This will also make you complete a whole human verification survey process.

What kind of tools and weapons can you use in Bullet Force?

Each weapon comes with some special feature or the other. The gamer should read the situation and apply only a particular weapon which would bring the desired result. The gamers can use many tools according to their convenience. The tools are described elaborately.

Earning of unlimited credit and gold

The gamer will receive an influx of various kinds of free resources. If you are an able player then you will receive all the facilities to compete with your opponents. Even you will gain the confidence to complete the game successfully.

Safety of the account

The game Bullet Force Cheats tool is quite a safe one and at the same time is undetectable by the servers. The tool used for secure encryption is finally put into the generator for securing the name of the users and keeping them anonymous as well as private.

There is no requirement of downloads

The game can be played through an online platform. There is no requirement for downloading the application. It is completely free. The game format of the Bullet Force Cheats is completely safe and secured for your device as well as your account. Even for the players, it is a convenient way to enrich one’s mind.

Know about the game mechanisms of a Bullet Force Hack

There are various kinds of game mechanisms that help the player to play the game in a comfortable way. The identical maps are a very valuable source of game mechanism. The game is a valuable and unique game that is full of unique strategies. The gamers can easily purchase the valuable weapons and follow the multiplayer mode. The players develop a feeling of individualism while playing the game. Even the players in the game are little unique. The game also allows all the players to have limitations like having passwords and using the correct username. Even the game displays a short of ballot box that makes players receive all the notifications at the right time. This makes the game more interesting and worthy enough to be talked about. 

Droid X Review: The Smartphone that Sets the Bar

This summer has been marked by smartphones, and there is finally one worth raving about with the Motorola Droid X by Verizon. The phone has been raved about and for good reason, the Droid X both excels equally in being an operating phone as it is in taking on other tasks such as widgets, videos, and having a HD camera with three microphones.
In the first day of release alone, the Verizon touch screen gadget had completely sold out, pushing back the release to all that had not pre-ordered to July 23rd.

What exactly makes a phone so great, that it sells out of stock in the first day of sales, and has received nothing but positive reviews? I personally visited a Verizon store on opening day to view the Droid X myself, and it is impossible not to desire.

First off, the display is spell binding. Complete with a 4.3-inch high-resolution display, this smartphone is the first of its kind to produce such a large screen as well as clear resolution. Text is easy to read, and all visuals on the screen are crisp and ideal. Given the size of the screen, many availabilities opened up as to what can be stored on the home page. Widgets such as ones for Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter are all available, and are able to be streamed in both mobile versions as well as desktop. The Droid X was created in partnership with Google, and therefore operates on Android 2.1 providing quick and efficient searches that one would expect nothing less from.

Almost equally as important as the display is the camera. Stepping it up, the Droid X offers a camera created with 8 megapixel quality that can take both pictures and HD video. The camera section even comes included with three mini microphones to capture impressive sound quality. Most pictures and videos are taken at a fairly reasonable distance from the object their capturing, however one downside to this smartphone is that for more up close pictures, the quality can come off as slightly blurry and pixelated, but know that the camera quality is much better than most other phones on the market. I personally noticed that the pixelation can be more apparent when inside, although it’s not bad enough to be disappointed.

Praised more than any other feature is the Droid X’s ability to make perfectly clear calls. There have been no reports of dropped calls, a main issue for iPhone 4 owners, and there lacks interference whether be under a tunnel, in a building, or wherever else this phone may accompany its owner.

Overall Verizon has a formidable competitor with the Droid X. If you’re fine with touchscreen instead of using a keyboard, this phone is a great option. Although this smartphone became available July 15, it can now be delivered by or on July 24th. Currently if purchased online, the Motorola device is available for $199.99 with a two-year contract. In addition if you currently have a contract with Verizon that ends before December 31, 2010, you will be able to upgrade to the Droid X without penalty.

The Droid X is interesting in it’s tall size, lightness in weight, and thin frame. This smartphone is solid in all aspects, and is just what is to be expected from a Verizon, Motorola and Google love child. If you’re looking for a smartphone, the Droid X is ideal.


How Fire Battleground hack can help you get ahead in the game

If you love survival games, the chances are that you have already heard of Free Fire Battlegrounds. Developed by 111dots Studio, it’s a third-person shooter battle game where you compete against 60 other players to be the last man standing.

A good free Fire Battleground hack will help extend your chances of survival and get you ahead of others in the game. We have compiled the following list of Fire Battleground hacks to help you out in your mission:

Select an isolated location for your drop:

Since the game allows you to choose your starting point, choose your drop zone wisely. It’s always better to choose an isolated location that separates you from the rest of the players and has a few buildings nearby. Dropping near loot locations will only force you into a battle that you’re not prepared to handle. Landing in a loot zone puts a target on your back as the other players who will land before you start shooting at you even before you have made it to the ground. Play safe in the beginning and land on the outskirts.

Remain in the Safe Zone:

A quick peek into the minimap will tell you the location of the safe zone. The safe zone is indicated by a white circle, and you should always keep an eye on the timer to check the time left for shrinking to begin. When it starts shrinking, another white circle starts forming in a different location on the map. Run to the new safe zone as quickly as possible but also be careful as this provides the camping players located near the border of the safe zone with the golden opportunity to shoot at you. However, if the players use a fire battlegrounds hack, then they might still be able to shoot at yuou.

Collect the right gear:

To increase your chances of survival in a battle, it is very important to have the right gear. As soon as you land in your drop point, start looking for equipment and gear in the nearest buildings and camps. You should keep an eye out for a few gears as they can extend your lifespan.

Helmets: A helmet will protect your head and reduce the damage caused by headshots.

Vests:  Vests can protect your torso and reduce damage caused by bullets. These are very useful for close-quarters combat.

Backpacks:  These will help increase your loot carrying capacity.

Keep yourself covered:

There are a lot of snipers nearby, so try to minimize your exposure as much as you can. When you need to travel from one location to another, analyze your route and look for areas where you can hide. In between covers, either sprint to the new spot or stay crouched to avoid drawing any attention. 

Choose the right weapons:

You can’t survive a battle without the right weapons at your disposal. There are various weapons available in Fire Battleground, and each of them is useful for different types of encounters. For example, a pistol is great for a closerange encounter, but for a long range attack, assault rifles are more suitable. So, choose your weapons wisely.

That’s everything you need to know to increase your chances of survival in Fire Battleground. We hope that these hacks will help in your quest for the no. 1 spot.

Palm Centro Vs. iPhone: A Comparison Review

Palm really caused a stir when they released the Palm Pre. Said by some to be the only phone in the iPhone’s league, it offers features the iPhone doesn’t … like its Synergy multi-sync, hardware keyboard, and “card”-based multitasking. Palm’s been making phones for a long time now, though, and they didn’t start with the Pre. The Palm Centro has been in stores since 2007, and it’s still stocked by most major carriers. You can buy it in a variety of colors, and even buy GSM unlocked Centros from the Palm store. And even though it was released just a couple of years ago, it can run thousands of apps, all designed to run on Palm OS devices like the earlier Treo smartphones and Palm Pilot organizers. Is the Palm Centro a worthy competitor to the iPhone (and/or Palm Pre)? Not a chance. It’s cheaply made, and it suffers from a number of shortcomings. Still, it’s a lot cheaper than either, and it has a couple of features that the iPhone doesn’t. Let’s take a look at the Palm Centro’s shortcomings relative to the iPhone, before we go on and look at its strengths.
The Palm Centro’s weaknesses versus the iPhone

First and most noticeable is the Palm Centro’s hardware. Instead of the iPhone’s sleek metal and glass, the Palm Centro is plastic and, well, apparently more plastic. The screen has something solid underneath, but on top is a plasticy layer that yields about a millimeter to the tip of your stylus. Did I say stylus? The Palm Centro comes with a stylus, and you have to use it, because the Palm Centro’s screen doesn’t respond to your fingertip the way that the iPhone does; it only responds to firm pressure. And the Palm Centro’s included stylus is tiny and thin, and so cheap and plasticy that it bends easily. I’m almost afraid that I’ll break the thing. You can buy better, metal ones of course, but those are an added expense.

You could technically use your fingernail instead, but you won’t want to. The Palm Centro’s screen is tiny, fewer than two inches across diagonally, and some of the targets are really small. Even with the Palm Centro’s included stylus, you’ll have a hard time scrolling menus and selecting text sometimes, because the screen’s also recessed a tiny bit into the unit itself. And while the Palm Centro has a pretty high-resolution screen, it’s so tiny that you’ll have to hold it close to see anything on it.

You can technically watch YouTube movies and TV shows on the Palm Centro (if you have a data plan), but that’s about all the web browsing that you’ll be doing. It can do AIM, MSN, Yahoo and Facebook, but aside from that the included web browser is clunky and primitive. On top of that, the Palm Centro is prone to locking up, and when it does you’ll have to take off the back of the unit and take out the battery for a second before replacing it. Worse, you have to take off the battery cover in order to get to the MicroSD card slot, too … and you’ll need to buy a MicroSD card for your Palm Centro, because the amount of built-in memory it has can’t hold much more than a single album of MP3s.

There is no App Store. Well, there is, but you have to download it from the Internet and put it on your Palm Centro yourself, and it has a lot fewer titles than the iPhone’s besides. The Palm Centro doesn’t sync with iTunes except on the Mac, and then you need added software for that. Finally, it has no accelerometer (Wiimote-like tilt control) … so if you want to play video games on it, you’ll have to use either the touchscreen or some of the tiny buttons on the Palm Centro’s face. And a lot of older Palm games were designed for Palm units that had different buttons, so you may find gameplay a bit awkward sometimes.

The Palm Centro’s strengths versus the iPhone

Now for the good news. A lot of the things I just mentioned can actually be seen as strengths, if you look at them in the right way.

The “cheap, plasticy” case, for instance, comes in a variety of different colors. Some of these are exclusive to different carriers, but that’s actually another strength; the Palm Centro is available for multiple major carriers. The iPhone you can only get on AT T;, as of the time of this writing.

You have to remove the battery cover to get to the MicroSD card, and you basically have to buy a MicroSD card for your Palm Centro. On the bright side, though, the Palm Centro can use MicroSD cards, giving it removable memory storage. You can buy multiple cards if you like, to use as backup or as different music / ebook / app libraries. And if you buy cards that come with adapters, you can use the cards’ adapters to quickly and easily transfer data between your computer (with an SD card reader) and your Palm Centro. Finally, unlike on the iPhone you can also replace the battery yourself, giving your Palm Centro much longer effective battery life than normal. There’s a bit of a trick to getting the battery cover off, but I covered that in an article that you can read by clicking here.

The Palm Centro’s touchscreen may not be as good as the iPhone’s, but it does have a hardware keyboard. And while the merits of hardware keyboards versus on-screen keyboards — especially the iPhone’s — are debatable, hardware keyboards are a lot more familiar to people who are used to using them (like on a Blackberry or other device). Which means that if you’re used to using one, you won’t have to spend weeks adjusting to an onscreen keyboard if you buy a Palm Centro instead of an iPhone. I think the Palm Centro’s hardware keyboard is the best smartphone keyboard out there, and I’ve personally written multiple articles on it … but your mileage may vary, especially if you have tiny hands.

The Palm Centro may not sync with iTunes on a PC, but it does come with “Palm Desktop” software that lets you synchronize your notes and contacts with your PC or Mac. Its Outlook sync is a little buggy, but there may be an app to help with that; and if you use a Mac you can sync a ton of Mac applications with your Palm Centro using The Missing Sync. This $40 Mac app will sync your iTunes library with the Palm Centro’s PocketTunes music player, your iPhoto libraries with its photo viewer, and a bunch more things besides. It’s also available in a “Business Edition” which includes professional tech support.

Finally, like I said before, there are thousands of apps available to install on Palm Centros, including a ton of free apps (or free demos). And while you can’t get them all through Palm’s online store, you can check out sites like and for free Palm Centro apps, and sites like for commercial or shareware Palm Centro apps. You have to install them yourself by syncing with your computer, but you can download free demos to try out an app before you buy it. Finally, you can buy Palm games from places like, which has a ton of games and game demos for your Palm Centro … including PC/Mac hits like Bejeweled, and even iPhone favorites like Platypus and GTS World Racing, all of them available for your Palm Centro. Click here to see why I prefer to buy Palm Centro games from Astraware!

The Upshot

The Palm Centro is likely the last Palm OS device anyone will make. Palm’s moved on to their new “Web OS” with the Palm Pre, and third-party support from companies like Sony has dried up. That means that if you buy a Palm Centro now, you may not be able to upgrade … when you buy a new phone, you won’t be able to port most of your apps and things over. Instead, you’ll have to buy all-new ones.

On the plus side, Styletap (at ) makes a Palm OS “emulator,” which will let you run Palm Centro apps on a Windows Mobile or Symbian smartphone … and if you’re switching to either of those platforms, you may be able to download new copies of your Astraware games thanks to their guarantee. Besides that, there will probably be better software available in the future … so aside from old favorite games, you may not really need your old apps (unless you bought a ton of “protected” books for a book reader that doesn’t work on anything else).

The final upside to the Palm Centro versus the iPhone is that it’s cheap. I mean even cheaper than the $99 iPhone 3G. It’s not worth buying a data plan for — the web browsing that you could do on one will be limited. But if you can get one without a data plan, or even buy it unlocked, it may become your next mobile companion. It’s not as shiny, easy or intuitive as the iPhone, but if you’re willing to put up with its quirks it’ll get the job done. It may even replace your old iPod, camera and voice recorder. And did I mention it’s cheap?

Whatever mobile device you use, have fun with it! And let me know what you think, in the comments.

An overview of 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a very popular game, and you can play this game on your Android devices. It is a motion sensor game and is a virtual pool game. So let’s have an overview of this game to understand it better.

A guide on the cue:

As the entire game deals with the queue, so it has been categorized into four types. So, you will have to hit the ball with a certain amount of power, and it will determine whether you can pocket the ball or not. If you use the spin option, then it will determine how much spinning you are putting on the shot. The force option will determine how hard you are hitting the cue ball. For determining the aim line’s length, you will have to use the aim short. And the time will show how many time you are utilizing for making one shot.

How to earn 8 ball pool free coins?

You can easily get 25 coins in every 30 minutes if you use the app on your mobile or web. All you have to do is tap on the button of free coins.

Watch the short advertisement for earning coins.

Whenever you never level up, you will get one pool cash.

If you can login into the app daily, then you can win coins as well as thousands of cues just by spinning the wheel.


Before making the shot think of at least 3 shots. And try to master any three kinds of the shot so that you can easily defeat your opponent by using them at the right moment. Once you start playing the game, you will know the amount of power you have to put in for spinning the ball and make the right shot. As they will be a clock which will keep counting the amount of time you are spending on one ball, so it is better to shoot quickly and effectively. If you take so much time on one ball, then you will miss the other shots.

Follow this guideline for understanding the game properly. It is very much important to learn about all the basic rules of this game. It may look easy for outside spectators but play it is quite difficult because you have to put in a lot of concentration. There will be some potted lines which will help you to see the possible ways through which your ball can go into the pocket.

Everything that you need to know about Clash Royale

Clash Royale is an addictive and a popular game which is played on mobiles and tablets where you will get various clan chests along with resources and with every up gradation you will be on getting new properties. If you are a beginner, then it will be quite hard for you to figure out which move to take but with time you will be accustomed and will learn all the little tricks.

Some tips for clash Royale for the beginners

From the very beginning, you should concentrate on balancing all the mix of your units. So do not just concentrate on taking the strong units as it will cost you a huge number of elixirs so you can also include any weak troops which can easily regenerate.

Do not get afraid if the opponent has stronger troops which are putting you under pressure. So even if you lose do not lose the hope because with better troop you can win the chest next time and moreover this game needs a lot of strategy and patients so do not act hastily.

Yes, there will be a timer in this game of 3 minutes and then will be there will be a 1 minute if both of the team fails to defeat each other. So during the last 1 minute do not throw all the units immediately into the battlefield. You should pay some attention to minor things like that timer and the center Tower or the King tower and keep them protected with Troops.

Always use the giant troops during the first half of this game as it will help you to destroy the first tower easily then you can become quite defensive to see how your opponent is moving. If you are someone who has already reached the level three, then you should use the prince tactics here. In the starting, you will have to send any force which can easily withstand a huge number of troops and then you should deploy the troops having light units. You can also use the balloons after this and keep using these tactics till your enemy gets defeated completely.

Deck tips for Clash Royale

One thing that you need to know is that spending on the expensive unit is not a great practice in this game and to save the resource it is not a great idea to buy the cheap unit so always try to maintain the balance when it comes to hiring clan members are troops. The only time you should spend a lot of gems is when you have a clash royale hack generator available.


There is a rule of thumb which indicates that you should always by the units which are faster and can easily perform properly against all the year units of the units you can easily destroy the towers and particularly the units which are great in defensive.

You should always have the cards that will easily complement with the fighting preference. If you’re thinking of playing the game aggressively, then take the troops or unit which can easily move quickly but if you are someone who prefers to be defensive then utilize those units which can easily withstand a huge amount of damage, so it’s entirely about mixing.

You should always know about the elixir average which will help you to figure out the time that your cards will need to get down so you will only play better if the time is low.

These are some few tips about the game for the beginners when it comes to spending on the units this is the pure game of strategy and patience so make sure that you have both. While playing this game another thing that you should keep in mind is that with a proper strategy you can easily defeat the opponent having strong Troops.

Things to know about Guns of Boom before trying hacks

Guns of the boom is a game revolving around action and were published and created by the “Game insight UAB.” The game came into the market in the year 2017 in the month of May. You can easily download this game on your Android or iOS devices and start participating in epic battles which you have never witnessed in any other game. Like all the other games with the help of cheats and hacks, you can simplify this game of guns of Boom, and it can help you to get a huge amount of gold for buying different weapons for fighting in this game.

Points to keep in mind when you are trying the hacks

At first, you have to check if there is any way that you are going to participate in the first mission of this game. For participation, you have to learn properly about all the tips of this game and know how to control the character easily. The first tip that we are going to disclose is the player should use the joystick which is present in the bottom left in the corner of the screen for navigation. This will help you to check all the enemies who can stay in your nearby places for killing you.

The second tip is that you should know about the open firing because you have to shoot all your enemies. You have to move towards your target for performing the open firing slowly, and it will help you to destroy all that training points. When the tutorial is completed you will be rewarded with some resources so that you can begin the game easily.

As it is an action game, so you have to perform in various quest and winning of this quest will help you in getting a huge amount of guns of boom gold. You can use this goal of buying the weapons which you will need during the game. After completing these battles, you will face damage of 20 k so at first, you have to complete this two important quests. If you want to perform in more quests, you can easily register your name for unlocking new quest where you can win a huge amount of gold. For dominating in this game, you have to learn about the proper strategies for performing well in the quest.

In this game, you will get a huge number of weapons which you can use for performing in various missions. Some of the weapons are:

Legend weapon: This weapon will have a power of 340 with 20 range, 35 accuracies with 38 magazines.

Guillotine: This weapon has 60 accuracies, 35 magazines, 19 ranges, and 400 powers.

Sting: This weapon has 30 magazines with 25 range, 35 accuracies with 524 powers.

Slicer: This weapon has 38 magazines, 25 range, and 47 accuracies with 652 powers.

Scattershot: This weapon has 60 magazines, 18 range, and 22 accuracies with 776 powers.

Here in this game, you will be given various weapons like the shotguns, Rifles, pistols, machine guns, etc. To simplify this game and increase your chances of winning use the Guns of boom hacks.

Getting the most from clash of the clans cheats

The game is simple addictive, you will find playing in the office and for hours. But, the more you put into resources the more of your precious gems. It is usually a balancing act, strike, train troops and build walls while ensuring that you do not spend all your gems. You do not need to upload suspect apps to cheat on the game, there are legal ways of doing this without affecting your playing rights. We have compiled a list of cheats to help you in the game.

Queuing your troops when offline

When not playing the game instead of just letting the troops stay in the barracks you can queue them when offline. When you do these the elixir you could have spent is banked from potential attackers. When you return to your barracks you can cancel the queued troops and recoup your elixir. You can queue all barracks till they are full. This cheat lets you protect thousands of elixir.

Raiding the town level

This strategy ensures that you get a 100 percent modifier on what you steal if your opponent is at your town level or above or below. In case your opponent is 2 levels higher you get a 125 percent modifier and 150 when he is 3 levels higher. The town level is about the software matchmaking with opponents so it can be costly searching for new ones. Town level 7 is one of the most attractive to farm from with an abundance of resources.

Maximizing your spells

Spells are quite expensive with the rage spell starting at 23,000 elixirs and the healing spell at 15000. The spells are simply awesome and powerful with the rage enabling you to jump. The lightning spell may look weak but it can totally wipe out level 5 mortar. Use spells carefully so as to wipe out your opponents defenses hence enabling archers and goblins to narrow down on any other small defenses remaining.

Resting your heroes

It can be frustrating to give your hero a rest and next time you come you find he has being attacked and has passed out. You can fix this by going to the hero pedestal where you will find the Guard or sleep mode. When you put him rest he can guard your village but can get knocked out. When on sleep he is able to maintain his energy levels but you are left unguarded.

Raiding inactive players

Always be on the lookout for inactive multi-players who may have left their town halls unguarded. Check how much gold and elixir is hidden and whether they are worth striking. You can then lay your strategy before they come online. The shield in town halls is now removed so go ahead and raid them for hidden gold. With game improvements the town hall is now worth thousands of elixir and gold. You can add teslas to strike unsuspecting attackers anytime you leave your town hall unguarded.

With this Clash of clans hack you do not need to download suspect apps that may attach viruses to your computer but you can rise and be a pro in the game.

Get access to any Facebook Account


Facebook Hack- Get Access To Any Account

Facebook is one of the most popular sources for interacting with the people from all around the world. This is also an awesome social networking site which enables you to share your awesome moments in the ways of pictures with your friends and family. This social website is also getting popularity due to its amazing features and functions among a large number of people. Now everyone is using Facebook and taking the advantages of its different functions. People can also send messages to their friends as well as they can also share pictures and videos with them. There are many privacy options in the front of users by which they can easily prevent their account from strangers. With the help of these privacy options, it becomes very hard for a person to get access to the account of others without their permission. Facebook hack is a perfect option for the people who want to get access to the account of others. It is an awesome hack tool which has a lot of awesome features which are very beneficial for the purpose of getting access to the account of others.

Importance of hack tools

There are many hack tools available on the internet for the convenience of users. You know what; there are many people who want a tool by which they can easily hack any account on Facebook. When it comes to the matter of checking the private information about any account then Facebook hack plays a significant role. With the help of this tool, you are able to spy on your friends and on their profile. In this way, you are also able to know about their private messages and chats. There are many people who want to spy on the profile of their friends and they need a perfect source. They are trying the different type of sources but it can’t be possible without the help of a perfect hack tool. Most of the people are using that tool due to its easy and simple process. You know what when people are going to choose the tool which is not worthy then they may have to face a lot of problems.



When you are using any hack tool for hacking the Facebook accounts of your friends and relatives then you should know about the different facts. There are many hack tools exist on the internet but it is not possible that every hacking tool is perfect. Most of the tools are fake and also not beneficial for hacking the accounts on Facebook. If you are going to use any hack tool then the first thing which you should consider is the compatibility of the tool. Facebook hack tool is compatible with all kind of devices and you can access the tool in your device easily. Such hack also provides support to all type of devices so that everyone can use it without any worries. You can also enjoy the benefits of such hack tool in a great way.


New Sony Ericsson Experia Play Will Not Play Playstion Console Games

The New Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 3D Smartphone is about to send shockwaves in into the mobile communications network. The Playstation Phone as it has been dubbed is already being billed as one of the biggest products that will hit stores in 2011.
The queues are set to start as soon as the Playstation phone is released, but there is something that Playstation gamers need to know – you are going to need to buy any games for the 3D Smartphone from scratch. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play will not be compatible with PSN Games, at least for the foreseeable future.

Sony recently announced the forthcoming release of the Xperia Play 3D Technology Smartphone, and some lucky gamers have been testing the product out. The reviews and hype about the Playstation phone is said to be phenomenal according to those lucky who have used it already.

It will come as a big disappointment to the army of Playstation console gaming fans who where hoping that Sony would design the Smartphone to be completely compatible with the console games. But being realistic would the move to allow games already available on consoles be profitable for Sony and would the gaming experience diminish with PSN games being used on the phone.

The answers are yes it would not be profitable for Sony to release Playstation phones compatible with the console games, and no console games would have no problems being compatible with a Playstation Smartphone.

It remains to be seen if Sony will allow a feature to upload games you already own to the Xperia Play 3D Smartphone, but for now Sony are being tight lipped.

It is rumored that Sony may allow console uploads sometime in the future when the initial rush to buy the Xperia had subsided, but this is just a rumor – be expected to be shelling out a decent amount of money on games before that happens.

Nathan Vautier, the managing director for Sony Ericsson UK and Ireland said that Xperia Play gamers, “will have to re-purchase the games, so it’s not totally integrated.”

“I think the exciting thing is that there are games which people are very, very aware of,” Vaulier said.

Speaking to potential Xperia owners the general consensus is that they would purchase the Smartphone if the console was fully integrated and the games could be played.

So could the Xperia be a lame duck before it hits the store shelves?

It is very doubtful that the Xperia will be doomed to failure, although it would benefit Sony to have releases just for the Playstation Phone, and the console. Maybe even make extension packs to complement games on the Playstation gaming console and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.