An overview of 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a very popular game, and you can play this game on your Android devices. It is a motion sensor game and is a virtual pool game. So let’s have an overview of this game to understand it better.

A guide on the cue:

As the entire game deals with the queue, so it has been categorized into four types. So, you will have to hit the ball with a certain amount of power, and it will determine whether you can pocket the ball or not. If you use the spin option, then it will determine how much spinning you are putting on the shot. The force option will determine how hard you are hitting the cue ball. For determining the aim line’s length, you will have to use the aim short. And the time will show how many time you are utilizing for making one shot.

How to earn 8 ball pool free coins?

You can easily get 25 coins in every 30 minutes if you use the app on your mobile or web. All you have to do is tap on the button of free coins.

Watch the short advertisement for earning coins.

Whenever you never level up, you will get one pool cash.

If you can login into the app daily, then you can win coins as well as thousands of cues just by spinning the wheel.


Before making the shot think of at least 3 shots. And try to master any three kinds of the shot so that you can easily defeat your opponent by using them at the right moment. Once you start playing the game, you will know the amount of power you have to put in for spinning the ball and make the right shot. As they will be a clock which will keep counting the amount of time you are spending on one ball, so it is better to shoot quickly and effectively. If you take so much time on one ball, then you will miss the other shots.

Follow this guideline for understanding the game properly. It is very much important to learn about all the basic rules of this game. It may look easy for outside spectators but play it is quite difficult because you have to put in a lot of concentration. There will be some potted lines which will help you to see the possible ways through which your ball can go into the pocket.

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