Getting the most from clash of the clans cheats

The game is simple addictive, you will find playing in the office and for hours. But, the more you put into resources the more of your precious gems. It is usually a balancing act, strike, train troops and build walls while ensuring that you do not spend all your gems. You do not need to upload suspect apps to cheat on the game, there are legal ways of doing this without affecting your playing rights. We have compiled a list of cheats to help you in the game.

Queuing your troops when offline

When not playing the game instead of just letting the troops stay in the barracks you can queue them when offline. When you do these the elixir you could have spent is banked from potential attackers. When you return to your barracks you can cancel the queued troops and recoup your elixir. You can queue all barracks till they are full. This cheat lets you protect thousands of elixir.

Raiding the town level

This strategy ensures that you get a 100 percent modifier on what you steal if your opponent is at your town level or above or below. In case your opponent is 2 levels higher you get a 125 percent modifier and 150 when he is 3 levels higher. The town level is about the software matchmaking with opponents so it can be costly searching for new ones. Town level 7 is one of the most attractive to farm from with an abundance of resources.

Maximizing your spells

Spells are quite expensive with the rage spell starting at 23,000 elixirs and the healing spell at 15000. The spells are simply awesome and powerful with the rage enabling you to jump. The lightning spell may look weak but it can totally wipe out level 5 mortar. Use spells carefully so as to wipe out your opponents defenses hence enabling archers and goblins to narrow down on any other small defenses remaining.

Resting your heroes

It can be frustrating to give your hero a rest and next time you come you find he has being attacked and has passed out. You can fix this by going to the hero pedestal where you will find the Guard or sleep mode. When you put him rest he can guard your village but can get knocked out. When on sleep he is able to maintain his energy levels but you are left unguarded.

Raiding inactive players

Always be on the lookout for inactive multi-players who may have left their town halls unguarded. Check how much gold and elixir is hidden and whether they are worth striking. You can then lay your strategy before they come online. The shield in town halls is now removed so go ahead and raid them for hidden gold. With game improvements the town hall is now worth thousands of elixir and gold. You can add teslas to strike unsuspecting attackers anytime you leave your town hall unguarded.

With this Clash of clans hack you do not need to download suspect apps that may attach viruses to your computer but you can rise and be a pro in the game.

Hay Day: Perfect Way To Pass The Spare Time

Farming games are getting more and more popularity due to the exciting and, unique concept which can’t be seen in other games. If we talk about the most played games then Hay Day is taking a good position because a lot of people are busy in playing this game. When you start the game then firstly you have to set up the farm properly by which you can earn the profit on the maximum level. In the starting of the game, you will be introduced by a scarecrow which will help you a lot in order to understand the basics. Apart from this if we talk about the diamonds then it stands on the top level while playing the game. There are many ways by which you can get the free diamonds and now I am going to describe some of them in the upcoming article.

  • The player can purchase such diamonds by using the real money which is the first way which can be chosen by the player.
  • In the starting, you will get the 30 diamonds and after that, you can get the one or two diamonds by leveling up. It is the best and easy source for all those players who want to get more diamonds.
  • You can also use your Facebook account for Hay Day. When you connect this game with your Facebook account then you will get 5 diamonds. In fact, by this, you are also able to see those friends who are playing this and you can invite your other friends.
  • There is a newspaper in the game in which you can see sometimes purple tickets. By clicking on those tickets you can get a chance to see the trailer. Once you complete the 30-second game trailer, you will get the diamonds.
  • In the game, you get some achievements and by completing those you can also earn some diamonds.
  • You can get a chance to get a mystery box by coming up a stream of stars on the screen of the device. There is a possibility to get the diamonds when you open the boxes. You can also enhance your farm with the help of such boxes.
  • Hay Day hack is the best way to collect the diamonds; in fact, it is the fast way to get the desired amount instantly.

These are some ways to get the diamonds and you will keep in mind such ways while playing the game. This is really a fun loving game and with the help of this, you can easily spend the spare time with lots of enjoyment. Moving further; as the player of Hay Day, you just need to take care of the farm because your uncle is unable for such responsibilities. Try to give your best in creating the profitable farm and sell the goods in order to earn the money by which you can get the play the game easily.