Do GTA IV Cheat Codes Ruin the Experience?

The appeal of the Grand Theft Auto video game series, from its humble roots as a 2d top-down game on personal computers to its current incarnation as a 3d, life-like, beautifully complex and detailed game on the XBox 360 and Playsation 3, has always been the amount of freedom it gives players to do whatever they want in its vast cities.
That freedom carries over to the many dozens of missions in the game as each one gives the player the unique chance to beat a mission using the environment around them to full effect. For example, in one mission in GTA IV where you fight some gang members on a basketball court in an effort to help the protagonist Niko save his favorite cousin Roman, you can do different things in order to help you out in the fight such as obtaining a molotov cocktail to throw at your enemies or to show up on a bike or in a car and either drive around or through the fence before running them over. This type of game play in the GTA IV missions challenges the player to use his or her mind to find different ways to go about beating different missions in GTA IV.

When you add cheat codes in the equation, however, the fun of experimenting and finding different ways to go about beating missions in GTA IV is severely compromised. You can obviously say that about any video game in which you decide to use cheat codes but GTA IV is a little different because the core elements of the game play are designed to force the player to make use of all of the world’s resources that are on hand.

A little creative thinking can net the player a powerful weapon whether hand-held or even vehicular and that’s what the appeal of the game is.

Not only that but in GTA IV the entire goal of the player is take Niko from nothing to something and if you go ahead and just unlock all of the weapons or other power-ups with cheat codes, the excitement of discovering all of those items and actually earning them as you go along is taken away rather quickly. It just isn’t the same for example to use a sniper rifle in the game on a mission it’s not intended to be used on before you actually unlock it through your own hard work and it kind of cheapens the experience.

This cheapening of the experience happened to me in earlier GTA games so players would be wise to consider the consequences of using cheat codes before they input them in GTA IV. The game has such a rich story-line and is so focused with such a nice sense of progression that using a GTA IV cheat code holds the possibility of ruining the experience for the player a little bit.

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