Droid X Review: The Smartphone that Sets the Bar

This summer has been marked by smartphones, and there is finally one worth raving about with the Motorola Droid X by Verizon. The phone has been raved about and for good reason, the Droid X both excels equally in being an operating phone as it is in taking on other tasks such as widgets, videos, and having a HD camera with three microphones.
In the first day of release alone, the Verizon touch screen gadget had completely sold out, pushing back the release to all that had not pre-ordered to July 23rd.

What exactly makes a phone so great, that it sells out of stock in the first day of sales, and has received nothing but positive reviews? I personally visited a Verizon store on opening day to view the Droid X myself, and it is impossible not to desire.

First off, the display is spell binding. Complete with a 4.3-inch high-resolution display, this smartphone is the first of its kind to produce such a large screen as well as clear resolution. Text is easy to read, and all visuals on the screen are crisp and ideal. Given the size of the screen, many availabilities opened up as to what can be stored on the home page. Widgets such as ones for Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter are all available, and are able to be streamed in both mobile versions as well as desktop. The Droid X was created in partnership with Google, and therefore operates on Android 2.1 providing quick and efficient searches that one would expect nothing less from.

Almost equally as important as the display is the camera. Stepping it up, the Droid X offers a camera created with 8 megapixel quality that can take both pictures and HD video. The camera section even comes included with three mini microphones to capture impressive sound quality. Most pictures and videos are taken at a fairly reasonable distance from the object their capturing, however one downside to this smartphone is that for more up close pictures, the quality can come off as slightly blurry and pixelated, but know that the camera quality is much better than most other phones on the market. I personally noticed that the pixelation can be more apparent when inside, although it’s not bad enough to be disappointed.

Praised more than any other feature is the Droid X’s ability to make perfectly clear calls. There have been no reports of dropped calls, a main issue for iPhone 4 owners, and there lacks interference whether be under a tunnel, in a building, or wherever else this phone may accompany its owner.

Overall Verizon has a formidable competitor with the Droid X. If you’re fine with touchscreen instead of using a keyboard, this phone is a great option. Although this smartphone became available July 15, it can now be delivered by or on July 24th. Currently if purchased online, the Motorola device is available for $199.99 with a two-year contract. In addition if you currently have a contract with Verizon that ends before December 31, 2010, you will be able to upgrade to the Droid X without penalty.

The Droid X is interesting in it’s tall size, lightness in weight, and thin frame. This smartphone is solid in all aspects, and is just what is to be expected from a Verizon, Motorola and Google love child. If you’re looking for a smartphone, the Droid X is ideal.



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