New Sony Ericsson Experia Play Will Not Play Playstion Console Games

The New Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 3D Smartphone is about to send shockwaves in into the mobile communications network. The Playstation Phone as it has been dubbed is already being billed as one of the biggest products that will hit stores in 2011.
The queues are set to start as soon as the Playstation phone is released, but there is something that Playstation gamers need to know – you are going to need to buy any games for the 3D Smartphone from scratch. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play will not be compatible with PSN Games, at least for the foreseeable future.

Sony recently announced the forthcoming release of the Xperia Play 3D Technology Smartphone, and some lucky gamers have been testing the product out. The reviews and hype about the Playstation phone is said to be phenomenal according to those lucky who have used it already.

It will come as a big disappointment to the army of Playstation console gaming fans who where hoping that Sony would design the Smartphone to be completely compatible with the console games. But being realistic would the move to allow games already available on consoles be profitable for Sony and would the gaming experience diminish with PSN games being used on the phone.

The answers are yes it would not be profitable for Sony to release Playstation phones compatible with the console games, and no console games would have no problems being compatible with a Playstation Smartphone.

It remains to be seen if Sony will allow a feature to upload games you already own to the Xperia Play 3D Smartphone, but for now Sony are being tight lipped.

It is rumored that Sony may allow console uploads sometime in the future when the initial rush to buy the Xperia had subsided, but this is just a rumor – be expected to be shelling out a decent amount of money on games before that happens.

Nathan Vautier, the managing director for Sony Ericsson UK and Ireland said that Xperia Play gamers, “will have to re-purchase the games, so it’s not totally integrated.”

“I think the exciting thing is that there are games which people are very, very aware of,” Vaulier said.

Speaking to potential Xperia owners the general consensus is that they would purchase the Smartphone if the console was fully integrated and the games could be played.

So could the Xperia be a lame duck before it hits the store shelves?

It is very doubtful that the Xperia will be doomed to failure, although it would benefit Sony to have releases just for the Playstation Phone, and the console. Maybe even make extension packs to complement games on the Playstation gaming console and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

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